The Start – Views & Review

This is tbe first post of this blog. You may not have noticed, but I’ve made the timestamp of this post as Jan 1989. Internet may have been at its infancy in those days.

The reason for this blogpost to be date so is because this is the time around which I recollect reading some of the interesting books and movies.

I’m maintining the blog in cronological order of the books I’ve read and included by personal views about these material. Most of the entries are about books I’ve read , but there are occational post about movies and tv serials.

Happy reading…


3 Responses to The Start – Views & Review

  1. dhanasekars says:

    Interesting,I am surprised to see the date.I do as tester play around with application and break the system.But how did you changed the date?

  2. rajeshkz says:

    Its fairly simple. In wordpress you can set a “published on” date for each of the blogpost.

  3. Dhanasekar says:

    Yea,I do see there is options to change the published date,but I never thought it could be a past date.

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