The Godfather

I’ve read this book more than 13 years ago. It was sometime in 1995.My interest in this book arouse recently after I realized one of my colleague at work is a self-professed Godfather junkie. His Godfather trivia talk at parties initially was interesting to listen to but later got to a point where the rest of us had to politely ask him to stop.The wiki entries for  Mario Puzo lead me to another book by the same author. The Fortunate Pilgrim. I’d read this book during the same period in 1995. Mario Puzo as mentioned in this wiki-post mentions The Fortunate Pilgrim as his finest work.Certainly Hollywood and the rest of the movie industry across the world has glorified crime and the Mafiosi to the extent that this book has become a modern day classic.Recollecting back I do not remember much about The Fortunate Pilgrim except for the fact that its about an immigrant struggle in America. As for The Godfather the story line and the vivid narration about the crime family is still fresh in memory. Surely there’s something in The Godfather that’s not in The Fortunate Pilgrim


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