Winning – by Jack Welsh

For a long time, all that I’d in this blog post is just a picture of cover of the this book. I’ve been late to realize, I’m not doing justice to  my readers by just having  the cover of this book. This post is one of the most highly viewed of my blogposts;  So  I decided to pen down something on today (dec 21st 2008)

Its been a while ago since I’ve read this book, and still quite a while ago since I’ve read Jack Welch’s biography. 

I liked Jack’s original work better than this one.  It covers many of the management Jack is believed to have practiced and developed in GE. Given the kind of audience this book is intended for, my belief is they’d already be aware of these, although it may be questionable how many of then actually practices these management philosophies.

Its one thing to be actually be aware of the right and workable management approaches, and its a different thing to actually practice it.  That’s what keeps Jack Welch apart from other managers. The book does explains you the management practices and philosophies in GE, but GE has been around for long before Jack was heading it and the management policies in GE would have been as old as GE itself. What makes Jack different from others was Jack’s zealous pursuit to put these philosophies to practice.  If you have the innate qualities of  “Jack Welch type manager’, you’d not need this book, you’d anyway be practicing what’s there in this book!

Would I certainly recommend this book as it stands for the no nnonsense approach to management. A good read for a budding manager or a beginner to management. But then,  search the web, and you’d find pretty much all the management books and consultants parroting the same things!.  And do read Jack’s first book, “Straight from the gut” if you’d need a real insight into Jack’s management approach.


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