World Is Flat

A friend of mine mentioned this book is not really comprehendable and he’d put down this book after a few pages. I’d asked him to go back and read it again.

This book is a good account of the globalization as it stands today.

While in my stay at US from 1997 to 2002, globalization was a buzzword. I’d the habit of listening to talk radio. Those days most of the talk in US was about opening up market in the developing world for US companies.

Things have changed since, reading Thomas Friedman’s book makes us believe so. Its moving of the jobs from US and other developed countries to the developing ones. All of a sudden the world has become smaller, thanks to the internet and innovation in supply chain and logistics.

The western countries may not have gained access to the markets of the developing world, to the degree the talk show hosts in US had expected , however it has certainly got access to the cheap labor.

The globalization 3.0 as Thomas Friedmen mentions in the book is about ‘triple convegence’


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