The City Of Joy

I’d thought this book as a non-fiction until I picked it up from the library.  The back cover of this book refers to Calcutta, poverty , happiness and love and I’d thought its again a white man’s view of India. Not really so, after reading few chapters of this book, my views about the author did an u-turn. Reading this book gives a heart-rending account of the life of Hasari Pal and Stephan Kovalski in the slums of Calcutta.( now Kolkotta).

I’d not known much about Dominique Lapierre, the author of this book until I started writing this post. Dominique Lapierre certainly has done a truly remarkable research for this books in the slums of Calcutta. Also worth noting is the contemporary nature of the story. Set somewhere in the 70s there are references about emergence of naxalism in West Bengal. A very moving book indeed.

I’m only halfway done with this book. I’ll certainly write a concluding remark on this book after I’ve finished it.