Direct from Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry

I’m half way through reading this book. A rather small book, 235 pages and written by Michael Dell himself.

Among all the business biographies I’ve read so far, this one is the most unimpressive one. Dell’s style of writing is rather not very exciting and unlike other biographies I’ve read does’nt give much insight about the company.

The success of the Dell model is direct selling. There’s not much details about this model in this book. Compare this book against the “Totoya Way” . Jeffry Linker talks at length about the totoya process , details about auto industry. Not much insights about the computer hardware industry or the Dell’s process in this book. I came across a review that resonates my opinion here.

However the book does gives justice to Michael Dells vision about the company and his relentless passion for to meet customer excellence. Dell perhaps is one of the few companies that takes customer service very very seriously.


Social Intelligence by Danial Goldeman

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