I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

 I wanted to read this book for a long time and finally this week I bought it from crosswords. Surely this book is one of the most interesting business biographies I”ve read in recent times.  Its certainly as inspiring as Dr Kalam’s Wings of Fire.

Dr Kurien’s story is strikingly similar to Muhammad Yunus’s. His book Banker to the Poor has striking similarities. Both of them were immensely patriotic, had to find their way in the maze of bureaucracy and corruption remarkably successful at it.  Both had a perseverance to reach their goal and work to empower the poor. I see Yunus’s book as a companion book.  On a side note, speaking of perseverance, here’s an image that that does justice to the meaning of word perseverance.

This books has lots of inspiring and interesting encounters Dr Kurian had. This includes almost all the prime ministers of India, reference to Sardar Patel and her daughter Maniben Patel and Dr Kurian’s mentor Tribhuvandas Patel.

While searching on the web for Dr Kurian, I realized there’s still no Wikipedia entry on him. I also found this article from a fellow blogger http://amoalsale.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/i-too-had-a-dream-dr-verghese-kurien/ 

I’ll certainly write  about the book more once I’m done reading and also quote a few memorable lines from this book in my next post.

By the way, there’s an online link  “Bharat Ratna for Dr Verghese Kurien. Please take few minutes to sign it.


10 Responses to I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

  1. Imman says:

    This is very nice self motivating & Inspiring book.
    Every Indian should read.

  2. Joseph P A says:

    Dear Rajesh, I am happy to see your views on Dr Kurien’s book. I am joseph. I was his Executive Assistant for many years, until he retired. Right now I am working at Nadiad Kidney Hospital (www.mpuh.org). You can see my name referred in the acknowledgment section of Dr. Kurien’s biography – I TOO HAD A DREAM. At the request of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, I had recently written an article on Dr. Kurien. It was published in GCCI’s April 2008 edition. You may like to access it online http://www.gujaratchamber.org/publication/April%202008.pdf

    Best wishes and regards/joseph

  3. Shikha says:

    Just finished reading the book myself,and there’s nothing more I can say than wow. I guess I just found myself a hero, in Dr. Kurien.

    The man is absolute legend-material – and definitely deserves much more than he’s been getting. I did some research on him on the web (unfortunately not much is made public – infact, its disappointing to see that the media prefers trumpeting about his public spats with his proteges than acknowledge his greatness.)

    Admittedly, he seems to have rubbed more (publicly-important) people off on the wrong side – but I guess that is a natural consequence of being corruption-free and having the guts to stand up for what you think is right.

    I read that Dr. Kurien was in hospital in June – but there is no information about him having recovered. Well, I only pray that our fellow countrymen realize the worth of having such a phenomenal person amidst us – before he leaves us. *Praying for his health*.

  4. Shikha says:

    @Mr. Joseph P A: Thank you for the article – was it published in any of the national dailies? Is it possible to do so?

    It’s definitely, a fitting tribute.

    • joseph says:

      Hi Shikha, Nice to know that you liked the article I had written on Dr. Kurien. No, it was not published in any dailies. By the way, Dr. Kurien did recover from his illness (it was like a miracle!). He is alright now, lives in Anand. He is nearing 88. Best wishes and regards / joseph

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  6. Selected books like this “I Too Had A Dream” by Verghese Kurien should be mandatory to be kept in all school and college libraries for people to know about the rich kind of people we have or had.

  7. Nishi.M says:

    @Mr. Joseph P A: I am unable to view the link.Could you pls share the Pdf copy ?


  8. nitu adhiakri says:

    i read your story and i love it .but i want to say some thing that read failyer story and try to sucssess it.

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