Simply Fly : Captain Gopinath

  Everyone might remember “Air Deccan”, the airline that made Indians fly.  It was a rather short life for the airline, but it did catch the imagination of the middle class.

This book is not really about this airline.  Its about our very own Richard Branson.  Its interesting to note how similar the two are.

Capt. Gopinath grew up in the small village in the banks of Hemavati river.  The inspiration of his life was his dad, a school teacher.

I’m writing this after couple of months of having read the book. Part of the reason I do this is becuse then, I only remember the salient points from the book.

Capt. Gopinath’s story do not start or end with Air Deccan, its only a small episode in the life of this free spirited personality.

I found the early chapters of the book more inspiring and interesting than the latter.  Capt Gopinath was the first in his village to learn join the army and serve the country in the 1970 Bangladesh war.  His accounts of  of the war and  the later posting in the inaccessible terrains of  indo-chinese border is awesome.

His journey as an enterpreneur does not start until he decides to quit the army and decide to start as a farmer. With the piece of land his family got as an compensation against the land his family gave up to the government, he began as a farmer. His land was somewhere close to Hosur.


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