Crucial Conversations:Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Nanovation : Kevin and Jackie Freiberg


The book is written by Kevin and Jakie Freiberg, the same set of authors who’d written about southwest airline.  Frankly speaking, the book is less about technical achievement of the Nano team and more about cheer-leading and motivational talk about the team’s achievement. Written in the same style as “Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” , the book is indeed an inspirational read.

Do you get to know something about Nano that you already don’t know? perhaps not.  Most of what’s there in the book as far as technical matters are concerned, its already been told by the media several times.

Its Not About the Bike: Lance Armstrong

Armstrong’s language is so eloquent that you relive his experience.  Aptly mentioned in the title, its not a biography of Lance as a biker. This book however is his experience as a cancer survivor. Lance was at the peak of his career when he was diagnosed with advanced stage of testicular cancer. Chances of his survival was slim,  but against all odds stacked up against him, he survives cancer. Not just that he survives cancer, but the very next year he wins the “tour de france” often known as  “The Race”.  The race often stretches the limits of human endurance and for a cancer survivor to win the race is near to unthinkable.

The book is a highly motivational book and a must read for all ages.

Great By Choice: Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen

Jim Collins never disappoints!. This is another truly great book by Jim. A comparative study of organizations that thrives regardless of adverse conditions.

Jim’s research concludes 4 aspects of these organizations that makes them apart from their counterparts.  “20 Mile March”, “Fire bullets, then Canon Balls”, “Leading above the death line”, “SMac Receipe – Specific, Methodical, and Consistent”

The research subjects used by Jim is also a compelling read. Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Southwest airlines, Skyter, Amgen, Biomet are compared against their lesser counterparts.

A highly recommended book!

Beyond The Last Blue Montain: A Life Of J. R. D. Tata : R. M Lala

For The Love Of India The Life And Times Of Jamsetji Tata : R. M Lala

South: The Story Of Shackleton’s 1914 – 1917 Expedition : Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

The first book I read in Kindle.  There are a whole library of free downloadable books available on Kindle, this being one of them.  Even without  the device, the  Kindle Crome App is a pretty decent application to read EBooks from Amazon.

The book is an amazing story of Shackleton’s expedition to south pole. Many books  have been written and movies made on Shackleton’s failed expedition, but this is  the first person account.

Sir Shackleton’s met with shipwreck in the icy waters of  the antarctic. This ship the Endurance was trapped in the antarctic ice and was eventually crushed by  the ice-packs of freezing winter. The crew survived the winter on the ice flow and on under favourable conditions set sail to Elephant island on an open boat James Caird. Elephant Island was an uninhabited island where the crew stayed on for the summer. Shackleton and five of his trusted sailors departed on a mission to South Georgia to seek help. Those were the days when there were no radio or wireless communications.

Shackleton and his men survived on only seal and penguin meat with several of his crew members developing scurvy 

A fine narration of human endurance against the forces of nature!!!